Tony Thorpe pairs up with some of the most exciting and original UK producers around to present his triple-installment Globe Stepping project, taking world music atmospheres and giving them a sideways twist to create a selection of dance floor killers and chill-out epics.

On volume one, veteran Si Begg, with releases on Tresor and Ninja Tune among others, joins Tony on lead track 'Kongotronic', a rolling UK-bass-meets-funky number with bright synth stabs and distant African vocals. The B-side sees Bobby Friction favourite Nuphlo (Universal, Nasha, High Chai) bring the desert storm to 'Dusty Path', and Mixmag "one to watch" Pempi (Studio Rockers, On U Sound) puts a zen flavour on 'Chai Garden'.

Volume two will see further project highlights; including a downbeat groove from South Asia, a journey to South America with the return of Si Begg, and a remix of Kongotronic. Wrapping up the project is a 15-track worldwide tour of a CD compilation.

Artwork was developed by Harry Cauty with a design finish from Paul Jeffreys (Sony/BMG, V2, One Little Indian, Future Noise); the unique videos are the work of Modal; and every element of the project has been inspired by the ECK World Series, a collection of beautiful world music atmospheres written by Flicker Music (Cicada, Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx) for Imagem Production Music.

Tony is the ideal pilot for this global flight, with a knowledge and understanding that earned him the title of curator for 'Dub Step Chronicles' at Massive Attack's Meltdown Festival. Combining his progressive sound with an ethnic soundboard, this project looks set to propel the already exciting UK bass scene into a whole new world.